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We create content to answer questions, share information, and reduce confusion! 

How can we help you?

At times (many times), IT can be confusing.  For people of all levels, there’s a concept that will get us sooner or later and even the online videos or documentation is confusing.  We hope to provide a simple answer, one that reduces confusion, not adds to it.

What We Do

Educational Videos

We create videos to help people learn about common IT concepts and best practices.

Knowledge Base

We maintain a searchable knowledge base of useful information, like cheat sheets, common fixes, and setup guides.


We post blog articles to coincide with the release of new videos. We also use it to post about time sensitive content like cybersecurity news.


We just launched our Discord community chat! Now everyone can share ideas, tips, good articles, and help each other. Oh and memes, can't forget the IT memes.

Join the Community

Our community is small, but we’re working hard to grow it. Help us make a dent in the industry.


No Cost

We are a non-profit organization, we care more about helping each other than making money.

Easy Learning

We create our content with the goal of reducing confusion in mind.

Quality Content

Some of us have experience in video production and marketing. This means our content should be high quality.

Find Answers

Find guides, custom scripts/tools, and solutions to common issues in our knowledge base.

Stay Informed

We’ll try to keep everyone informed on the latest IT news.  Keep an eye on our blog and sign up for our mailing list for the latest info.

Get Ideas

We’re always finding new things to try in our homelabs or finding unique solutions to problems.

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