Hello World – I’m Confused


“Hello World”… really? Yeah, I know, cliché. But how else do you start your maiden voyage? This is our start, the day we rise, the day we put pen to paper, the day we wonder if our efforts will payoff, or if this will sink to the bottom of the internet. It’s a sturdy ship, well-built, small, but it should get us to where we need to go. The crew? Well, there’s six of us, good people, we’re all friends. We’ve worked together for a few years, we each have our own skillsets, with some overlap. Where are we going? Well that’s the question now, isn’t it.

We’re going out into the wild, a place where answers to your problems can be found in the dark crevasses of the internet. A place where you may have to dig deep into online forums, Reddit, or blogs to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes you find a treasure left there from years ago, and sometimes you get lucky and the treasure was left just yesterday. It’s a place where you’re either scavenging for answers or paying for them. Sometimes you’ll even get answers from the creator, like the great Microsoft or VMware, although, they’re usually very cryptic. Or you’re one of the many that live there, diving deep into peoples questions and providing them with the answers they seek.

Of all places, why are we going there? Is it an answer we seek? No. We’ve been there many of times, sometimes we’ve been stranded, rarely we’re in and out without a scratch. Stay there too long and your eyes bleed and your brain swells. In our line of work, it’s all too often we have to go there, because we are confused and need answers. We know exactly what it’s like to go into this dark place, searching for answers, sometimes with no hope of coming out alive, but people depend on us to solve their problems.

We’re traveling there once again, but this time, it’s different. This time we’re going together, as a group. In this special ship, united towards one purpose, and no, we’re not just looking for answers. We go forth to bring light to this dark place. To protect those that need protecting, to give the answers to those that need them. To show people the way. Not for profit or reward, but because it’s the right thing to do. When all the information is brought to light, when it’s not hidden and cryptic, and people are no longer as confused, opportunity awaits. Not just for us, but for everyone, even those not in our line of work.

We would be crazy to think we could do this on our own , it would take an army of people who believe in the cause. However, as Steve Jobs once said “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”. Maybe we’re just a meteor on a collision course with the sun, or maybe we are the sun.

Today is our maiden voyage for this noble cause. We may not look like much and we may not have much to offer, but we hope you’ll stand by us as we take on Goliath and reduce confusion and create opportunity in the world of IT (information technology).

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